Thoughts on MSO/Ives 4th Symphony

As published on   I bet that quarter-tone piano would have sounded amazing. Well, there’s a thought I could never have predicted would wind its way, earnest and devoid of sarcasm, across my mind. Actually it seems like I’ve begun with a joke, a straight-from-the-style-guide strong open, attempting to grab your attention and piqueContinue reading “Thoughts on MSO/Ives 4th Symphony”

Hey you, dishwasher heart

As published on   At the back of a stage dense with seated bodies, a man in fancy dress wanders sheepishly, paper in hand. He has made his move slightly early and must pause, lean on steps nonchalantly, check music, wait, put music on stand, insert earplugs. Wait. His presence sparks a wave ofContinue reading “Hey you, dishwasher heart”