Hello, this is a shameless site of self-promotion. A necessary evil, as we all know, so we all just have to get over ourselves and try not to cringe too much. The struggle is real, but there it is. Be assured I’ve already re-written this a minimum of twenty times, and still can’t read it without hating myself. I can only imagine what you’re going through.

In any case, I am a cellist and writer in Melbourne, and this is a website that I’ve had tremendous difficulty putting together myself. There are videos of cello things, and (mostly old) articles. There are concert reviews, general navel-gazing, and one rant about redhead prejudice. Good stuff.

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Screenwriting at the University of Melbourne, so most of my writing is of the screenplay variety. I had a poem published on Burning House Press once as well, but I won’t subject you to a link to that.

Please check out the various offerings and do return again, when there is sure to be new content. Definitely.

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